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  • Genre: Drama, Family
  • Year: 1987
  • Langue: English,
  • Original Title: Russkies
  • Directors: Rick Rosenthal
  • Synopsis

    A group of American boys discovers a Russian sailor washed up on the coast of Florida and decide to befriend him, assuming that he is friendly and will bring them no danger and thus go against the ideas of their parents, as well as the government.


    Joaquin Phoenix, Peter Billingsley, Whip Hubley, Stefan DeSalle, Summer Phoenix, Susan Walters, Patrick Kilpatrick, Vic Polizos, Charles Frank, Susan Blanchard, Benjamin Hendrickson, Carole King, Voyo Goric, Al White, Patrick Mickler, Leo Rossi, Gene Scherer, Nancy Stephens, W. Paul Bodie, Ed Bradley, Shelby Gregory, Peter Hyszczak, Stefen Laurantz, Armando Lodigiani, Walter Robles, Jon Savitch, Paul Winick, Josi K. Waksman


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