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  • Genre: Drama
  • Year: 1976
  • Langue: Latin,
  • Original Title: Sebastiane
  • Directors: Derek JarmanPaul Humfress
  • Synopsis

    Rome, AD 303. Emperor Diocletian demotes his favourite, Sebastian, from captain of the palace guard to the rank of common soldier and banishes him to a remote coastal outpost where his fellow soldiers, weakened by their desires, turn to homosexual activities to satisfy their needs. Sebastian becomes the target of lust for the officer Severus, but repeatedly rejects the man's advances. Castigated for his Christian faith, he is tortured, humiliated and ultimately killed.


    Leonardo Treviglio, Barney James, Neil Kennedy, Richard Warwick, Donald Dunham, Ken Hicks, Janusz Romanov, Steffano Massari, Daevid Finbar, Gerald Incandela, Robert Medley, Lindsay Kemp, Jordan, Nell Campbell, Patricia Quinn, Peter Hinwood, Philip Sayer, Charlotte Barnes, Nicholas de Jongh, Duggie Fields, Christopher Hobbs, Andrew Logan, Johnny Rosza, Rufus Barnes, Sally Campbell, Graham Cracker, Michael Davis, Joan de Vere Hunt, Guy Ford, Gerlinde Kostiff, Michael Kostiff, Ulla Larson-Styles, Alasdair McGaw, Luciana Martínez, Eric Roberts, Norman Rosenthal, Johnny Rozsa, John Scarlett-Davies, Rae Spencer-Cullen, Volker Stokes, Thilo von Watzdorf, Harald Waistnage, Kevin Whitney


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