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  • Genre: Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction
  • Year: 1973
  • Langue: English,
  • Original Title: Schlock
  • Directors: John Landis
  • Synopsis

    The debut film of John Landis (The Blues Brothers, Animal House), who also wrote and starred in the low-budget comedy horror. A quiet suburb Southern California is being terrorized by a mysterious murderous monster living in a cave. As the bodies pile up -- with incriminating banana peels always near by the crime scene -- a group of teens stumble on the guilty party: a 20-million-year-old Schlockthropus, an ape-like creature with a sense of the absurd.


    John Landis, Saul Kahan, Joseph Piantadosi, Eliza Roberts, Tom Alvich, Walter Levine, Harriet Medin, Eric Sinclair, Charles Villiers, Ralph Baker, John Chambers, Gene Fox, Richard Gillis, Forrest J. Ackerman, Susan Weiser, Jonathan Flint, Donald F. Glut, Amy Schireson, Emile Hamaty, Phillip Levine, Shirley Levine, Mary Cortiz, Ivan Lepper, Mitchell Tadross, Carl Stone, Tonda Marton, Neil Forn, Dana Sue Collins, Harry Goins, Norman Crawford, Jackie Bonnhein, Robert E. Collins, Belinda Folsey, Ryan Folsey, Patty Holcomb, Ian Kranitz, George O'Hanlon Jr., Billy Record, Edward Summer, Stuart Weiss, Kevin Collins


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