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  • Genre: Crime, Action, Drama
  • Year: 2002
  • Langue: English, Deutsch, Español,
  • Original Title: Empire
  • Directors: Franc. Reyes
  • Synopsis

    A big time drug dealer Victor Rosa is looking to get out of the game and sees his chance with a big deal with a new friend who happens to be a Wall St. stockbroker. Thinking this will be his chance to go out on top Victor soon finds out that he has been double crossed and his last option is to get revenge.


    John Leguizamo, Peter Sarsgaard, Denise Richards, Vincent Laresca, Isabella Rossellini, Delilah Cotto, Nestor Serrano, Anthony 'Treach' Criss, Rafael Báez, Fat Joe, Carlos Leon, Sônia Braga, Felix Solis, Omar Pastran, Rob B. Campbell, Granville Adams, Jean-Luke Figueroa, Nicole Gomez Fisher, Maritza Morgado, Sam Coppola, Karina Arroyave, Mike Figueroa, Teo Castellanos, Tanya Byers, Sally Simone Dealy, Christina Benitan, Edward Rosado, Luis Gonell, Stracy Diaz, Kidada Jones, Keith Hochstin, Marta Vidal, Andre De Leon, Monica Steuer, Jaime Velez, Rosanne Lucarelli, Dashia Imperiale, Tim Gallin


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