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  • Genre: Drama, Thriller, Mystery
  • Year: 2020
  • Langue:
  • Original Title: We Are The Missing
  • Directors:
  • Synopsis

    One morning, when Riley (Chantel Little) should be at classes, her mother Angie (Maissa Houri) hears a cellphone ringing from her bedroom, soon to discover Riley left her phone behind. She answers what is Riley's best friend Mackenzie's (Willow Mcgregor) third attempt to reach someone. After Angie asks if Riley is with her, she realizes Mackenzie was about to ask the same thing. Shortly after, Angie checks the main closet and finds Riley's shoes are still there. Did she leave in the middle of the night or vanish into thin air? Riley's circles paint a picture of the events surrounding her disappearance while exploring leads in what becomes a harrowing mystery of twists, turns, and answers that poses the question: Was it better to not know what really happened after finding out the truth?


    Maissa Houri, Mark Templin, Willow Mcgregor, Eleonora Poutilova, Chantel Little, Olivia Piercey, Katherine Stella Duncan, Julie Mainville, Rebekah Naomi Ayala, Chantal Grace, Patrick Mulligan, Chelsea Woods, Sue Beattie, John Andrews, Samuel Ingram Gillmore, Victoria Givlin, Jason Sedlar, Zack Boniface, Simon Boniface, Jennifer Willis, Maura Stephens, MIKAL, Clarissa Baron, Blakely David, Jason Harley, Steve Kasan, Julie Landriault, Dimitri Abdulnour, Tristan McIntosh, Aisha El Shennawy, Jennifer Trudrung, Holly Bridges, Arlana Gillis, Amber Kirby, Liz Szucs, Krista Barzo, Cassandra Carpenter, Peter Chow, John Earley, Caroline Fabre, Christina Fairbairn, Gordon Finley, Michael Harvey, Janet Hetherington, Roy van Hooydonk, Vanessa Kammer, Trinh Kien, Don Lee, Pavel Lubanski, Caren MacNevin, Tom McCann, Shannon McLellan, Mardy Men, Dan Molson, Chelsea Quinn, Angela Parent, Tyler Pope, Mario Radovnikovic, Scott Alan Warner, Sebastian Matthias Weißbach


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