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  • Genre: Drama
  • Year: 1996
  • Langue: 普通话, English, 日本語,
  • Original Title: tokyo skin
  • Directors: Yukinari Hanawa
  • Synopsis

    Amidst the swirl of Tokyo's seamy nightlife of designer drugs, casual sex, and American slang, Zhou turns 30. It's a spiritual crisis for this Chinese immigrant who quotes Confucius, this Lothario and con artist who fences stolen goods. He falls for Kyoko, a seemingly shy provincial woman looking for the man who jilted her sister. As their relationship plays out, Hanawa intercuts stories of Kazuo, a hyper- kinetic artist who loves the trendy Yoko (Kazuo bores her and she pursues the indifferent Zhou), and Ali, a Pakistani Muslim who, broke and forlorn, stands outside a convenience store love-struck by a clerk because she looked into his eyes (she thought he was shop-lifting)


    Xiu Jian, Mikako Takahashi, Yukio Yamato, Asami Kanai, Ali Ahmed, Kae Minami, Xia Pu, Jin Qiang Min


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