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  • Genre: Crime, Thriller, Drama
  • Year: 2020
  • Langue:
  • Original Title: Silent Night
  • Directors: Will Thorne
  • Synopsis

    Mark, a low end South London hitman recently released from prison, tries to go straight for his daughter, but gets drawn back in by Alan, his former cellmate, to do one final job.


    Bradley Taylor, Cary Crankson, Frank Harper, Nathaniel Martello-White, Joel Fry, Sarah Leigh, Jackie Howe, Angela Terence, Teddy Robson, Oriana Rodrigues-Cova, Badr Luqman, Tom Meeten, Manoj Dhandra, Georgie Rhys, Florence Roberts, Shane McCormick, Julia Leyland, Jade Foster, AJ Blackwell, Stephen McGowan, Jack Coker, Terry Jay, Tristan Pretty, John Bagenal, Harry Pearson, Samuel Harbrow, Alejandro Bueno


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