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  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Year: 2011
  • Langue: Español,
  • Original Title: Medianeras
  • Directors: Gustavo Taretto
  • Synopsis

    Martin is a neurotic web designer taking baby steps out of the isolation of his one-room apartment and his virtual reality. Mariana is an artist fresh out of a a long relationship. They are perfect for each other, live on the same street, in opposite buildings, but they never meet. Can the movement of a modern city of three million people bring them together?


    Javier Drolas, Pilar López de Ayala, Inés Efron, Rafael Ferro, Carla Peterson, Adrián Navarro, Jorge Ernesto Lanata, Alan Pauls, Romina Paula, Miguel Dedovich, Miguel Ángel Álvarez


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