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  • Genre: Crime
  • Year: 2014
  • Langue: Español,
  • Original Title: Betibú
  • Directors: Miguel Cohan
  • Synopsis

    Once Pedro Chazarreta found murdered in the wonderful gated, El Tribuno newspaper hires retired detective novelist Nurit Iscar/Betibù that is installed in the area and a series of newspaper columns about the case. Along with the Chief of police of the newspaper, Mariano Saravia, and a veteran journalist, Jaime Breña, Betibù starts to investigate the murder. Using an old photo of the adolescence of Chazarreta, which shows him with fellow high school, the Group discovers an apparent connection between this murder and a succession of apparently trivial deaths of members of the photo. At the same time, Betibù must face its past emotional with the editor of the newspaper, Lorenzo Rinaldi, who seeks to restore the relationship.


    Mercedes Morán, Daniel Fanego, Alberto Ammann, José Coronado, Lito Cruz


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